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On this page you will find the minger of the week!
We will try to update the Minger Of The Week once a week, every week!! Send in your pics or else we'll just have to keep putting pics of people like Jason and Phillip on :S
To send in a pic just have a look at the 'news letter' page. Oh and you can find good pics on Mingers.com

The minger of the week this week is... Margaret!
Margaret, who is the size of 2 buses. Loves animals, especially squirrels, as they're easier to swallow. She enjoys stroles in the park... well upto the park gate as she can not fit through it! So welcome this weeks minger of the week, Margaret

Ex-Mingers Of The Week...

Ex-Minger... Phillip!
Remember Phillip? He likes to rape and shag prostitutes!

Ex-Minger... Jason
How could you forget Jason (aka Clarke Kent aka Superman aka FREAK!), he has the mental age of a 5 year old!

Ex-Minger... Janet
Wolf-Whistles* Do you remember sexy Janet? Janet is still single and lookin for lurve! If you would like to meet her leave a message in the guestbook!! ;)